Emerging Future

Punch above your weight class with digital

January 15, 2019

Join us for our digital strategy breakfast event to help you punch above your weight class by taking advantage of digital.

The Event

What is Emerging Future?

Punch above your weight class with digital

A Digital strategy breakfast event for those who oversee business strategy, process management, marketing, sales, customer engagement, people development, and generally contribute to change-ready organisations.

In Jamaica, the future is unevenly distributed. Our invited guests will bring a perspective on digital opportunities that will fuel business innovation. You'll leave with a better grasp of how digital can be an advantage to any business in our emerging future.

The Presenters & Topics

Andre Wedderburn
Group Head of Media Operations at Trend Media
Adapting to new ways of marketing
ChukWuemeka Cameron
Disrupting an OLD Industry
Sheldon POWE
CEO at Innovate10x
10X your business with the power of the internet
Ryan Sterling
CEO at Vertis Technology
IncreasIng your revenue through Automation
Rory-Craig Walker
CEO at Jamaican Care Packages
TaPping into niche international markets
Larren Peart
CEO at BlueDot
Making smarter decisions with the data you already have

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There's a customer out there who is already “digital first” and always connected. They have very different expectations from the rest of your customers.
They may be the outliers today but they signal what will be the norm in the coming years.  If you haven't met them already, you will this year. Are you ready?

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Customer Experience

The modern office is more connected than ever, yet achieving genuine cohesion within a group is elusive. In the context of employee engagement and people development, how do you nuture effective teams that maximise the advantage of digital resources while minimising the distraction of the same?

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Employee Engagement

What if there was a way to reduce the risk of failure on your future projects? Let’s explore the mindsets and methodologies that can help to streamline the product development process and help you to pick winners and losers with greater confidence.

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